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Academic Integrity Seminar

Appalachian State University has collaborated with The Academic Integrity Seminar to offer students the opportunity for further ethical development. Students who have been found in-violation of the Academic Integrity Code may be required to attend an Academic Integrity Seminar. This seminar is an online 6-8 hour course that provides students with the opportunity for hands on practice regarding academic integrity and ethical development.

Each student who participates in the seminar will be assigned an individual academic coach. The seminar requires students to complete readings and assignments. Assignments are then submitted to the student's academic coach who reviews and provides feedback to students.

The cost of the seminar is $100. When a student registers online for the Academic Integrity Seminar, they will at that time be presented payment options. If there are concerns regarding the $100 administration fee, please contact us.

For more specific details or to register for the seminar, please visit the Academic Integrity Seminar website .