The Academic Integrity Code 

The Honor Pledge

The Honor Pledge is a cornerstone of Appalachian State University's Academic Integrity Code and serves as a reminder of the University's commitment to academic integrity. No Appalachian student shall unfairly further their own academic performance.

  1. Students will not lie, cheat or steal to gain academic advantage.
  2. Students will oppose every instance of academic dishonesty.

Students attending Appalachian State University Pledge:
“I pledge on my honor that I have not violated the Appalachian State University Academic Integrity Code.”


Cheating. Intentionally using, attempting to use, or giving unauthorized assistance or materials in an effort to gain academic advantage. 

False Information. Providing false academic information in any form, regardless of communication method (e.g. e-mail or other electronic communication), with the intent to deceive or mislead.

Misuse of Academic Materials. Acquiring, stealing, damaging, or sharing academic materials without a faculty member’s or student’s consent for the purpose of gaining an academic advantage.

Mutiple Submission. Submitting an assignment more than once, either from a current or prior course, without the consent of all involved faculty members.

Plagiarism. Presenting the words or ideas of another as one’s own words or ideas.

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Daniel Meadows

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